We no longer see Fyodor Smolova

We no longer see Fyodor Smolova, live the former proving that he can spread butter on bread. No more Bocchetti, trying to guess at the Italian footballers fashionable outfit. No more Karpin, refused to join the words "in my heart" Spartacus "will not be judges of lie detector, jokes about guard for hours Savina, Ryzhikov with stories about the salary of ten thousand, no, damn it, no more. All end.


I tried to figure it out, yet ran Dudya explanatory text. And besides realized one more thing strĐĹmnuyu.

Two days later, everything will be as before. We poperezhivat and forget. Nothing will change. At all.

The channel had low ratings, the canal will remain low ratings. On the channel came Alexander Mostovoi, he and then-then-that, and will come. Instead airtime Dudya Savina program and insert another program. Cherdantseva, for example, "After the football for a mortgage" or "Biathlon Dmitry Gubernieva". Life will remain approximately the same as it was before. Because we are accustomed to losing. Losing good. Russian sports media have accustomed us to this.

Once we have lost the Total Football - and continued to live on. Lost Procport (it was the last glossy magazine about sports) - and nothing else. More long ago lost "My Football" and a lot of other cool fishechek. Together with them, our memories are dead. They like 7 lives, too many times they died. Russian sports journalism for the viewer, the reader, the average person - it is one continuous story of loss. And even the purchase of a great story, which was supposed to be "Match TV", also became history of losses. And it seems there this is nothing extraordinary, because if you think about life - is generally a history of losses, we lose the youth, strength, illusion, imagination, and everything tends to dull old age, but for some reason that distracts us from this flawed way, too, should to grow old?

After all, "The Cult Tour" - it was about the youth. Boldly, bright, funny. Once DUD said in an interview Dzichkovsky that they are going to hire a team of comedians to write jokes in the script program. I do not know, by the way, what's the matter ended. But even this does not matter. Just appreciate the idea, the approach to content creation. A fresh, new. Not like everyone else.

"It's a pity. Probably the best I've ever seen on TV Russian football ", - he said Vadim Lukomsky it, man, I handed in a zag.

"The shock from the closure of the program" The Cult Tour "" - the words of Igor Rabiner, the guy who invented cool crap about "out of the binge using cocaine."

"Thank you, my friend. It was a great Vecherina "- is written Yuri DUD, now Yuri vDud.

"The" Cult of the Tour "," closed ", - reported by Championship, Sport-Express, Sports Business Online, Bombardier.

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